DevOps Capability Recognized, iSoftStone Passed DevOps 3rd-Level Assessment for Continuous Delivery

GNSEC 2022, co-organized by GreatOPS and DevOps Times and supported by DAOPS Foundation, OSCAR, and Financial Operations Industries Alliance, was successfully held online on April 26. At the summit, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) announced the assessment results of the 17th batch of DevOps standards for continuous delivery and the 4th batch of systems and tools. iSoftStone's iPaaS platform passed CAICT 3rd-level assessment for continuous delivery based on the DevOps Maturity Model.


Announcement site of DevOps assessment results 

iSoftStone's iPaaS platform (iSoftStone's enterprise platform as a service) is a PaaS platform for rapid development, building and customization of enterprise applications. iPaaS is built on cloud native technology architecture, with a complete and continuously iterating front-end and back-end framework system, and can provide rich reusable components and service resources to help enterprise developers to quickly develop and deliver business scenarios. The DevOps recognition shows that iSoftStone's DevOps capability has moved to a domestic leading level, paving the way for the company to further promote the DevOps pipeline and capability building.

After almost a year of DevOps process improvement and standardization, the company has achieved further integration and consistency of internal platform tools, and improved its capability of continuously delivering end-to-end enterprise platforms, according to Liu Huifu, CTO of iSoftStone and Director of Technology Research Institute; meanwhile, the R&D process specifications were refined to make them more operable; as a result, R&D efficacy and quality can be observed, measured, and improved, providing a key foundation and reference for the continual development and optimization of an efficient DevOps R&D system.

DevOps Maturity Model is the world's first DevOps standard series, led by CAICT, and co-developed by OSCAR, GreatOPS, top Internet firms like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and JD, and major businesses in the finance and communication sectors.

The DevOps standard was formally concluded at ITU-T in July 2020, making it the world's first DevOps international standard. Agile development management, continuous delivery, technical operation, application design, security and risk management, systems and tools are the main parts of the DevOps standard assessment system.

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