Bring Ecosystem Collaboration to a New Height! iSoftStone and Kingdee "Smashed" A New HR Management World.

The Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Summit was held on May 7 in Shenzhen, China. This Summit aims to explore how enterprises can digitally drive HR management change and develop quality workforces in the world by creating a flexible and agile organization. Kingdee officially launched Kingdee Cloud-Constellation HR Cloud at the summit, a new generation of HR cloud product for large and mega enterprises that opens up a new world of HR management. iSoftStone was invited to the summit as a key partner of Kingdee. Ying Huang, iSoftStone Director and Chief HRO, witnessed the new product debut and exhibited the achievements of iSoftStone and Kingdee's strategic collaboration. He shared with guests and partners his thoughts and plans for corporate digital transformation, particularly the digital HR management.


In his speech "Nine Trends of HR Management", Shaochun Xu, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kingdee Group, stated that the development of HR management would show nine trends in the digital era, including the transformation of HR management support strategy, the transformation of organization to platform-based organization, and the transformation of individuals from "task performers" to "value co-creators". HR management will transition from experience-driven to data-driven, and become "mental resources" management. Xu Shaochun also stated that HR management must change in this uncertain era, and that HR management's new objective is to "develop quality workforces" in the future.



Launching Ceremony of Kingdee Cloud-Constellation HR Cloud

When it comes to the development history of Kingdee, "smashing" has become one of the most distinctive labels. Behind each "smash" lies a transformation of Kingdee, as well as a leadership role for the industry and technology. Ying Huang (first from left in the picture above), as a special guest, together with Shaochun Xu, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kingdee Group, and Yong Zhang, President of Kingdee China, "smashed" the "cage" that binds traditional HR management thinking during the launching ceremony of Kingdee Cloud-Constellation HR Cloud, the most important segment of the summit.


In his speech, Ying Huang expressed his understanding by citing the famous words of Yangming Wang, "Without a clear vision; nothing can be accomplished". "Kingdee has been 'smashing' its way forward, 'smashing' the roadblocks in its path. Every time it breaks the old, it establishes not only the new, but also the ambition. We anticipate that Kingdee's new product will assist enterprises in overcoming HR management issues and achieving leaps in efficiency and effectiveness, as well as injecting more innovative power into China's digital construction."

Ying Huang also shared the story behind iSoftStone's growth in the pandemic, and explained the company's collaboration plans with Kingdee in ecosystem and HR digital construction through his thoughts about the transformation of human resources and digitalization. He described the digital era as an era of "ecosystem victory, and win-win collaboration". iSoftStone will continue to invest in and expand the partner system in the future to adapt to digital development, engage with Kingdee to improve the digital technology ecosystem, promote healthy and speedy digitalization of enterprises, and win in the digital future together.

iSoftStone and Kingdee discussed ecosystem collaboration in depth at the summit. Zhangbo Qin, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, stated that iSoftStone would engage with Kingdee on the incremental market and ecosystem collaboration, building a talent base together to facilitate Kingdee's growth. The representative of Kingdee Strategic Collaboration Alliance Department thanked iSoftStone for its support during the summit. Both parties agreed to expand their collaboration in digital enterprise services.

In his speech "Work on Digitalization and Envision a Cloud Future", Jianxun Wei, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, introduced the recent achievements of iSoftStone and Kingdee collaboration as well as the future ecosystem collaboration planning. iSoftStone and Kingdee have collaborated in over 30 cities, served over 60 customers, developed three resource pools in North China, East China, and South China, and launched the ecosystem collaboration platform for industry-education integration. The two sides will maintain ecosystem collaboration, put more effort into the education and training sector, develop the field of digital marketing, and achieve sustainable business growth through digital marketing activities.

iSoftStone and Kingdee have collaborated on R&D, delivery, ISV, and other domains with great success. Both sides have leveraged their respective strengths and resources to serve customers from industries including manufacturing, logistics, real estate, pharmaceuticals, food, and media. This collaboration has produced a large number of professionals and enlarged Kingdee's platform consumer base, while taking the strategic collaboration to a new height. iSoftStone will invest more in the principle of "Complementary Advantages, Win-win Collaboration, and Common Development" in the future. The company will work more closely and extensively with Kingdee to accelerate enterprise digitalization and help build the most valuable ecosystem of enterprise cloud services.

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