Call center services

Solution Overview

iSoftStone’s Call Center is a platform by which an enterprise system can optimize and process a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls. It is an efficient service center for product sales, market expansion, customer service, technical support, and business activities;

iSoftStone’s Call Center business not only based on our years of experience with operations, maintenance, and management, but is also based on the company's existing hardware facilities, adopting a conceptual framework for customer service that is professional and consistently improved upon. The Call Center also draws upon and improves the service spirit of various industries, and strives to create an ideal call center that adapt to and suits our customers. It adheres to the principle of “customer first”, with service as is purpose, law as its management, and is infused with humanism throughout, providing users with systematic, smart, personalized, and human-based service via strategic management, operational management, background management, customer management, technology, and system support;

iSoftStone’s Call Center is committed to solving all the problems customers may have before, during, and after use, and provides cooperating enterprises with high-quality and efficient data feedback, allowing each communication to become the basis for multidimensional win-win situations, ultimately making these win-win situations a reality.

Service Range

Call business outsourcing

Our services include customer service, customer surveys, customer care, telemarketing, collections and reminders, and data cleansing. We also provide online and telephone consultation for pre-sales, point-of-sale, and after-sales for products across different industries (both physical and virtual), along with problem feedback and solutions, online service platforms, consultation and handling of voice issues. Furthermore we provide feedback for online activity, telemarketing, and post-tracking for many industries (both physical and virtual), as well as customer data management and analysis that is based on the call center business, and that is permitted and required by our cooperating partners.

Call center personnel management

Staff recruiting, labor dispatching, and payroll.

Call center training

We provide call center industrial training, customer service skills training, service awareness etiquette training, telephone marketing training, and call center management training.

Call center Operational Consulting

The call center operational management team is talented, well-structured, and provides professional operation consultants.

Service Mode:

One-to-one voice access system: artificial agent voice services, a flexible, 24x7 one-stop solution platform;

One-to-many online service system: problem consultation platform that provides online agent services 24x7 for most groups;

Outbound call service system: a platform that provides agents with outside visit services, precision marketing, and upgrading services.


By calling the service hotline, the customer connects to the automated customer service, where the customer issues are quickly identified, and then one-to-one service is provided to resolve the customer’s issues and give them additional professional business support. The hotline also provides customers with sincere service from personnel who are enthusiastic, sincere, and patient.


Users operate under the guidance of the mobile client and can communicate with the online customer service. The communication is seamless, without the need for installing any software or plug-in. The customers can communicate with the customer service staff with a single click, which greatly reduces the communication threshold for the customers, allows for one-to-many communication, saves on queuing time, and provides better service to the customers.


Reviews of content, video, text, data, etc. meet the needs of customers according to the rules for the products, providing better and faster service for customers.

Outbound calling

Call services to customers are actively initiated, along with surveys, return visits, or recommend products based on the customer’s questions, giving the customers a more active and diverse service experience.

Our Advantages

Employment advantage: iSoftStone’s many years of operation has allowed us to cultivate many recruitment channels, which can meet the demand for a large number of personnel in a short period of time;

Regional advantage: iSoftStone has multiple branches and delivery centers throughout China, which lowers cost input by utilizing regional advantages;

Expert advantage: Through our “self-owned + external employment” format, iSoftStone has established a large team of experts, who provide professional advice for project operations at all times;

Service advantage: The vertical links in customer service are reduced, thus improving customer satisfaction and guaranteeing customer loyalty. Furthermore, the horizontal breadth of customer service is expanded, allowing deep explorations of potential customers and enhancing both the response capabilities and the service level of the customer service center;

Talent advantage: iSoftStone has a large pool of professional call center management talent, covering a wide range of fields including the Internet, telecom operators, and many others.

Project management: iSoftStone has a high-standard call center project management system and a fully developed project management methodology, providing customers with project management services across the whole lifecycle;

Quality guarantee: iSoftStone’s project implementation team has rich experience and knowledge, as well as comprehensive project operation capabilities, allowing them to continuously meet the changing requirements and demands from users, and to rapidly deliver  extensive, reliable, and efficient solutions;

Information security: In providing high-quality services to customers, , iSoftStone guarantees the customers' intellectual property and information security by utilizing comprehensive information management guarantee measures;

Qualification certification: iSoftStone has obtained many professional qualification certifications concerning project outsourcing management, project operation management, POCP, quality management, safety certifications, and many others.

Historical Experience

iSoftStone has collaborated with various lines of business under the Alibaba Group for many years, with more than one hundred million users in different user communities, and its call center project team has 1,500 personnel, is highly renowned by customers, and long-term interests are brought to bear in achieving win-win situations for our partners.

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