[Interview] John Peng from iSoftStone: During the Process of Digital Transformation, iSoftStone Could Do More for Enterprises

Source: sh.chinanews

Today, digitalization is a must and also an inevitable process independent of the willingness of enterprises. Recently, themed Advance Intelligence, HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 was held in Shanghai, and as an important partner and diamond sponsor of Huawei, iSoftStone attended the event. During the meeting, John Peng, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone said in an interview with reporters, the digital economy is embracing rapid growth; digitalization is seen in all sectors; the digital transformation of enterprises is on the way.


In the process of digital transformation, the construction of 5G, Internent of Things and other new infrastructure is of great significance to the industrial transformation and upgrading. John Peng considers that the digital transformation of enterprises represents the significant changes in the operation mode of business and the traditional ways do not meet the market requirements any more. But the path of digital transformation is not easy. Traditional enterprises face two challenges on the path. The first is "imagination". Traditional enterprises need overall and strategic thought on the development under the general trend of digital economy and the future business form. But most of the traditional enterprises due to lack of insight. The second is implementation force. Digital transformation includes the changes of organization structure, related process and business model rather than the application of digital technology. This is an overall and fundamental change and also a challenge for enterprises in the aspect of implementation force.

John Peng said, In the digital era, all enterprises are software-based enterprises. Software defines the world! As the core power for the development of Cloud Power, Big Data, Internet of Things and other new industries, software service is upgrading to digital service and innovative digital service is the key to fully release the digital potential. No business could survive without software. iSoftStone, a practitioner and pioneer in the software field, has always been leading the software service and features four advantages in the digital services:

Frist, a leading enterprise. At present, China's software market is large but not strong. iSoftStone, a leader in the field of domestic software service, has such superiorities as large scale, rich service experience, strong service ability and high brand awareness. Therefore, it's able to exert its strong digital service ability and promote the digital transformation of large and medium enterprises.

Second, a reliable enterprise. Large scale means more responsibility and higher customer expectation. Backed by high industrial accumulation and leading technical strength, iSoftStone spares no effort for continuous improvement in the aspects of profession, compliance, safety, reliability and high quality delivery and is becoming a reliable partner of customers. 

Third, an advanced enterprise. iSoftStone, a leading China software and IT service provider, not only provides customers with end-to-end and highly reliable digital products and services, but advances with the times through continuous input to keep its leading position in the fields of technology, management and business model. Unlike others, iSoftStone is devoted to innovation and at the same time helps clients to realize innovation and development. Its deep accumulation of technical ability and industrial insight has become one of its core competitive edges.

Fourth, an globalized enterprise. iSoftStone has always been a highly globalized company in the software service sector. Its management has international working experience. The Company has built a specialized team and set up branches in North America, Japan and Southeast Asia, and also accumulated rich experience. Internaitonalization is also one of its core strategies. The era of digital transformation is good opportunity for internationalization. John Peng believes that with its brand effect, high quality service and international practices, iSofStone is able to help enterprises accelerate their pace of internationalization.

Today, iSoftStone has served over 1,000 customers in more than 10 major industries at home and abroad, and more than 110 of them are the worlds top 500. It has become one of the representive software service enterprises with wide industrial coverage and large service scale.

According to John Peng, with 20-year inidustrial accumulation and leading technical strength, iSoftStone could help enterprises solve their pain points in the transformation. To provide clients with end-to-end digital products and service and create future-oriented value has always been our pursuit. Take its cooperation with Huawei for example. From initially human resource providing to nowadays software application and upgrading, iSoftStone and Huawai share well aligned strategy and make use of their highly complementary business to jointly boost the digital transformation of all sectors while helping customers accomplish digital transformation and fast growth of business and create more value. John Peng said, iSoftStone could do more for enterprises. Our mission is to help customers fully release their digital potential, benefiting the society.



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