Li Huang: Opportunities and Challenges Brought About by Digital Transformation in the 5G Era!

Source: 51CTO 

On September 18, the three-day HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, themed by Cloud+5G+AI+IoT, was successfully held in Shanghai. As a crucial strategic partner of Huawei for over a decade, iSoftStone demonstrated its key products, including talent training and service solutions of colleges and universities, intelligent security and park solutions jointly developed with Huawei, one-stop smart terminal test solutions, AI solutions, and enterprise service platform for digital. 

On the sidelines, Li Huang, EVP and CTO of iSoftStone, accepted the interview of 51CTO reporters. In view of the opportunities and challenges arising from digital transformation, Huang expounded on such topics as how iSoftStone can empower enterprise digital transformation. 


Coexisting opportunities and challenges in the 5G era 

In June 2019, 5G commercial licenses were officially issued in China, revealing that China's 5G has been put into commercial use. New IT technologies, including cloud computing, AI, big data and IoT, will integrate with real economy in an in-depth manner to accelerate its digitalization, networking and intelligentization. While bringing new development opportunities to all industries, 5G also poses multiple challenges to the digital transformation of enterprises. 

As a national strategy, 5G is facing a future interwoven with opportunities and challenges. In particular, the biggest challenges are industry application scenarios and solutions. Unlike the 4G era, the 5G era will see increasing scenarios, and more accompanying problems. Huang believed that a core concept of 5G is the interconnection of things, and IoT is a relatively large application scenario of 5G. In this regard, IoT outperforms the Internet in terms of industrial scale and market opportunities. From a national strategic point of view, China should seize this chance to overtake in corners. 

Got a trump card to meet the high requirements of intelligent terminals in the 5G era

The 5G era is characterized by richer connotations of intelligent terminals, including smartphones, AR, VR, virtual devices, and broadband devices, and increasing means of connection through the Internet or IoT. Higher requirements are proposed on intelligent terminals in terms of functionality, usability, and user experience.

Huang told reporters that terminals, channels, and cloud of 5G should all be taken into account. In terms of terminals, hardware development and design occupy a large proportion, but software will dominate in the future. Many customers said that the proportion of their own enterprise software has far exceeded the hardware, and the software and service teams are becoming stronger and stronger. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for iSoftStone, and we must win this battle.

When asked how iSoftStone will respond to the challenges and win the battle, Huang replied, First of all, we should have sufficient technical reserves. Efforts should be made to improve value chain, develop bottom software, bottom drive, and core software, and increase investment in Internet application development. Ecologically, iSoftStone will work with main ecological partners to create better ecological environment. Finally, iSoftStone will attach greater importance to talent training. It has established the iSoftStone University, and will enhance talent training in such important fields as intelligent terminals, 5G and IoT in the future. 

In 2013, we partnered with Huawei's Corporate Intelligent Terminals Division. Now, working with OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and other intelligent terminal manufacturers, we are shifting from testing to design, software engineering, hardware engineering, customization, and terminal-to-terminal solutions, Huang said

No avail if without any application scenarios

iSoftStone has made great efforts in 5G for a long time. Huang frankly said that 5G is the top priority of iSoftStone in the next five year. Its customers are mainly engaged in the fields of 5G technology, including 5G mobile terminal companies, three major operators and so on. All-round cooperation with customers has paved the way ahead, allowed us to utilize and understand 5G technology and develop various markets, and enabled us to greatly enhance our capabilities. 

Looking to the future, Huang said, 5G is currently in the early stage of commercial application. Games, short videos and other applications enhance the rapid growth of 4G. Likewise, 5G can only seek leapfrog development through application scenarios and industry solutions. 5G will achieve no avail if there has no application scenarios. In the future, iSoftStone will apply and innovate 5G in finance, manufacturing, logistics and other industries. 

Prioritize industry applications and empower digital transformation

As a time-honored software and IT service provider and reliable partner of digital transformation, iSoftStone has served over 1000 customers in 10 industries and fields in the past two decades, including 110 top 500 enterprise customers, and has become one of the leading software service enterprises with wide industry coverage and large service scale. 

To facilitate efficient digital transformation of more enterprises, iSoftStone intends to integrate industry applications with new technologies such as AI, cloud computing and 5G in an in-depth manner. Currently, iSoftStone has served multiple industries and accumulated rich experience. 

Taking the manufacturing industry as an example, iSoftStone has helped its transformation of Internet + collaborative manufacturing”. Boasting strong capacities in R&D management, supply chain management, dealer management and after-sales service management, iSoftStone has served 14 well-known automobile manufacturing enterprises, helped them to realize cross-brand and cross-factory flexible production, and achieved automatic core system, hourly capacity sharing and economic benefit enhancement of the automobile industry, in a bid to fully implement the intelligent manufacturing. 

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