iSoftStone and Huawei Continuously Create a Digital Transformation Community through 17-year Cooperation

[CCID News] On September 18, 2019, the 4th HUAWEI CONNECT was officially launched in Shanghai. Working with Huawei for 17 years, iSoftStone was invited as a diamond sponsor to attend the conference and appeared in a high profile.

As leading China innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone has cooperated with Huawei since 2002; during which, iSoftStone serves all Huawei product lines with continuously improved quality management system and high delivery quality, fully cooperates with Huawei and aligns its long-term strategy. In recent years, iSoftStone has fully cooperated with Huawei to jointly create an ecosystem, and is committed to becoming Huawei's preferred strategic partner. During the conference, Jianxun Wei, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, was invited for an exclusive interview by CCID to discuss the inextricable relationship between iSoftStone and Huawei.

Working Side by Side

In March 2017, iSoftStone was successfully selected as the first Huawei certification service solution partner CSSP, and became the first partner of the certification in the big data. After that, iSoftStone has been continuously expanding the breadth and depth of cooperation. In the second half of 2017, it has formed a strategic partnership with Huawei Cloud; and as a core supplier of Huawei, iSoftStone serves all Huawei product lines, to create a unique and highly competitive industry cloud platform. Staying customer-focused, iSoftStone provides high-quality technical services covering cloud computing, big data, smart cities, and enterprise services. As mentioned by Jianxun Wei in the interview, iSoftStone has been ranked first in the comprehensive evaluation of Huawei suppliers for three consecutive years.

According to Jianxun Wei, with the continuous breakthrough in the progress of cooperation between iSoftStone and Huawei, the cooperative business also moved from a single ITS service to integrated service, product and solution, Huawei Cloud and deep cooperation in its ecological fields. Based on multi-domain and public cloud market, the all-round communication and cooperation are made in brand building, business development, solutions and professional services. In the future, both parties will carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of 5G, cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile Internet, AI and so on.

In this way, iSoftStone will become one of Huawei's most strategic partners, to maximize efforts to enhance the brand influence of Huawei Cloud.

Taking Advantage of the Situation

This Huawei All-Connecting Conference is based on the theme of "Advance Intelligence", indicating that "intelligentization" is the future business theme and strategic direction for Huawei.

In the field of intelligence, Huawei's core strength lies in its ability to provide the underlying infrastructure, focusing on the "module" and "architectural platform" common to all-stack platforms and end-to-end domains. As the "leader" in building an open ecology and industrial talent training, Huawei's "full-stack" style is very inclusive. Advocating to "take advantage of the situation", iSoftStone is advantaged by the meticulous insight in the application scenarios of customers and the user experience, so that it can ultimately apply and implement the best industry practices.

Jianxun Wei said that the participating "iSoftStone University Talent Training Solution" as the cloud computing champion in the Huawei Developers Competition was developed based on the Service Stage (Huawei Micro-service cloud application platform), and was highly suitable for core business in universities. During welcoming newcomers in universities, the iSoftStone University Talent Training Solution uses Huawei-cloud intelligent face recognition service module on the underlying layer to provide agile and accurate support for universities to carry out the newcomer welcoming. After a large number of students are registered, the massive and demanding course arrangement will trouble universities a lot. The iSoftStones University Talent Training Solution can realize the customized software and system development by investigating the deep needs of universities, taking into account the actual processes and scenarios, and finally forms an intelligent course scheduling algorithm to greatly improve work efficiency.

The "iSoftStone Park Solutions" exhibited also have excellent performance in the Huawei Developers Competition and won the championship of the Industry Enabler. In the field of intelligent security, their professional platform service based on Huawei enabling platform, by deploying Huawei intelligent cloud video platform IVS, enabling Huawei SDC and other methods (software-defined vidicon, Hisilicon AI chip + camera OS + algorithm APPstore), adapt to the specific requirements of customers, and can also be connected to Huawei's intelligent view big data platform IVD.


Focusing on Smart Applications to Further Explore Data Value

Through the "base platform", "connection tools", and "ecological environment" provided by technological innovation and commercial ecology, Huawei has solved numerous underlying mechanisms. During this conference, Huawei based on the "Kunpeng + Shengteng" officially and fully launched its computing strategy, announced to open the source of server operating system, GaussDB OLTP stand-alone database, opened the Kunpeng motherboard, welcomed the diverse computing era. Through hardware openness and software open-source, Huawei fully enables its partners to jointly develop the computing industry. The underlying mechanism created by Huawei can play a comprehensive and solid supporting role, enabling iSoftStone to pay more attention to customer needs and make more superior "digital achievements".

Jianxun Wei emphasized that the intelligentization, the AI application and the era of digital transformation will bring unprecedented impact to the information service industry. Many IT service positions and jobs will be replaced or innovated in the future; further, the demand for services with higher technical content and more compliant with the times will constantly spring up. In the process of moving forward with Huawei, iSoftStone will always be alert to introduce, construct and further innovate in technologies and capabilities. Additionally, iSoftStone fully trusts and actively adopts the intelligent platform built by Huawei, and will identify and establish application practices with Huawei to truly reflect the value of digitalization and intelligentization.

The new economic era is featured by new needs, new connotations, new qualities, and new logic. The iSoftStone will continuously make evolutions and improvements, "enrich" and "work hard with" Huawei, so that the strategic cooperation can be always "win-win" and "mutually beneficial". iSoftStone will be a solid enabler of the new economy. Aiming at customer needs and continuously creating outstanding value, iSoftStone will work with customers to create a digital future.

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