Reliable Data, Core of the Digital Industry

In the digital age, big data, one of the most prevalent technologies, may be widely applied in all aspects ranging from daily use to economic construction. So, why data is of such great “charm” around the world? Hui Meng, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of iSoftStone, and John Peng, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone, attended the CIO Summit for China (Jinan) Enterprise Digital Transformation on November 21. Focusing on the theme of the conference Wisdom to Enjoy the Future of Digital China. John Peng delivered a keynote speech entitled Reliable data, core of the digital industry, elaborating on the value and application of reliable data in industrial development and the future prospect of the digital industry.


Digital Industry: Digital Economy Launches Data Battle

At present, the vigorous development of China's digital economy has increasingly become the key engine to stimulate economic growth and promote high-quality economic development. In this regard, the digital industry has become the main front of the digital economy. How to fully mobilize data value and promote integration of digital industry is an important topic of digital intelligence.

So, what is the digital industry? As put by John Peng, the digital industry is an integrated and comprehensive intelligent agent of human-machine-article-matter, and its real connotation is the smooth flow of data chain, that is, conveys proper data to proper machines and people at proper time in proper manner. In addition, all people and machine make good use of big data to achieve intelligent tools and intelligent decision-making. Finally, the interconnection supported by the information network develops to the independent intelligence supported by data and knowledge, and boosts the development of the digital industry.

Industrial Internet: Driving Digital Industry with Reliable Data

It can be easily told that the core of digital industry is intelligentization, and the process of intelligentization cannot be separated from data. Data serves as the basis and driving force-reliable data will become the core cornerstone of the development of digital industry. One of the great challenges facing the development of digital industry is the severe lack of data governance system. In this regard, efforts should be made to build data acquisition, collation, and use infrastructure, establish a sound data governance structure, and facilitate data reliability, so as to truly promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial digitization.


Besides, the relevant departments of the State have been paying close attention to the development of Industrial Internet. Lately, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and other 15 departments jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industries and Modern Service Industries, pointing out that efforts should be made to speed up innovation and application of industrial Internet, and build digital, networked, and intelligent manufacturing and service system, so as to further guide the phased development of industrial Internet.

So far, the industry and the government have reached a consensus to accelerate development of digital industry by relying on reliable data and industrial Internet.

iSoftStone Industrial Cloud: Responding to National Policies and Practicing Industrial Internet

In line with the national policies and in view of outstanding characteristics of industrial clustering in China, iSoftStone builds an industrial cloud platform to promote industrial digitization through industrial Internet. In addition, it has planned the layout strategy of two lines of industry and IoT deployment, built the industrial Internet into a joint point of manufacturing business line and IoT technology line, and constructed its own technical system and business logic in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

The platform adopts hybrid cloud structure, and builds a big data center, three support platforms including IoT support, application support and big data support, and two types of cloud services of industrial chain collaboration and intra-enterprise collaboration, which can provide various SaaS platforms, information software, digital solutions and other services for the industrial field. It is reported that a number of main engine plants have been incorporated into the iSoftStone Industrial Cloud system, and over 10 suppliers and carriers have applied the iSoftStone Industrial Cloud, achieving certain preliminary results in industrial digitization.

Data, in the future, will be the key to development. With reliable data as the cornerstone and cloud platform as the framework, the industrial Internet provides a new path for industrial transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement. As the vanguard of digital economy, iSoftStone will continue to build high-quality digital products and services around the dual-line layout of the industrial Internet, firmly promote the development of digital industry, and jointly build a new era of Chinese industry.

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