Social Responsibility

iSoftStone is committed to becoming a responsible corporate member of society, and advocates giving back to society and caring for the environment in which we live. In recent years, iSoftStone has consecutively won the "Annual Responsible Brand Award" twice due to its outstanding contributions to the promotion and construction of public welfare.

iSoftStone combines CSR with business growth and solves complex social problems for the government, enterprises, and individual through collaborative innovation and technical services, and engages in social welfare projects and philanthropy.

Government – Helps the governments at all levels to solve its problems in governing urban development, and promotes the sustainable development of cities.

Enterprises - Provides the best technology and services to help enterprises develop and enhance their efficiency.

Citizens - Enhances smart public services, and makes science and technology bring about "Benefit for the People".

Public Welfare and Charity

Charitable Donations

iSoftStone focuses on the philanthropy. It relieves challenges caused by disasters or poverty, contributes to social stability and harmony and participates in global philanthropy through enterprise sponsorship and spontaneous donations from its employees.

In 2016, during the catastrophic flood in Jingmen, Hubei Province, iSoftStone actively participated in flood relief activities, donating 800,000 yuan to the disaster area, and calling for more social organizations to raise funds for disaster relief.

Cared for and supported poverty alleviation work and made positive contributions to actions "helping people escape poverty and making donation to charity", in Fengdong, Xi'an.

During Wenchuan Earthquake, iSoftStone initiated a fundraiser for earthquake-stricken areas , and donated RMB 0.41 million yuan to the affected area.

Contribution towards the construction of the cellar project in the drought area.

Concerned about poverty-stricken areas in the southwest, iSoftStone has made donations towards Hope primary schools including Meiquan iSoftStone Power Primary School and Meiquan iSoftStone Kindergarten etc.

For more than 10 years, iSoftStone has contributed to the Mojiang River to build an iSoftStone love bridge and donated "thinking pavillions" to Zunyi Aoxi Primary School.

Employees of iSoftStone participated in a series of charitable activities such as the “Toys for Children”, “Night of Youth” and the “Gift Tree”.


Welfare Activities Promoting Health

iSoftStone is committed to becoming a socially responsible and respected high-quality enterprise, delivering a charitable concept in a more positive and healthy way, and contributing to the society.

It often participates in public welfare sports and charity runs. , passing on the positive energy. It has participated in the  China Locomotive contest and maintained a smart public footprint throughout Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and other places.

It adheres to the spirit of passing on love through health. It continues to contribute to the Yunnan ethnic minority project through the "run for love, dreams are realized in Yunnan" and "Run of children with listening obstacles" events.

On the global scale, it has supported health and public affairs  through its active participation in the "crazy hat walk" and other activities organized by the US Lupus Fund.

iSoftStone Caring Association

As of February 2017, iSoftStone Caring Association has 18,172 members, has raised more than RMB 3.32 million Yuan for charities, handled 94 charitable cases and provided over RMB 1.236 million Yuan in financial aid.

Public Culture Constructions

With its technology capabilities, iSoftStone provides support for the development of public culture careers, help more people understand and join in the inheritance and development of our culture.

It organized volunteers to help with the website revision of the charitable project “Sail of Music” that focused on the musical dreams of poverty-stricken children.

It helped inherit the traditional Chinese Dunhuang art and organized volunteers to build the website of 3D Online Dunhuang Art Museum.

People-Oriented Care for Employees

iSoftStone always adheres to the "people-oriented" corporate culture, respects individuality and strives to provide staff with a better working environment, career development and quality of life.


iSoftStone always insists on protecting precious natural resources and creating sustainable industrial forms. We insist on building green, chimney-free enterprises by taking science and technology innovation as the driving force. We strive to become environmental protection industry leaders.

Innovation and Development

We will continue to improve the long-term quality service capability system for clients around the world through the development of sustainable core concepts with technological innovation, commercial and urban development, and social development, like big data, cloud computing and IoT. We will actively participate in the creation of business and more natural integration, as well as intelligent benign ecological environment.

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