Enterprise WeChat deployment and value-added services

Solution Overview

iSoftStone is an official partner enterprise with WeChat. Both sides earnestly cooperate to provide their enterprise customers with comprehensive solutions for the digital transformation of enterprises and related services.

Enterprise WeChat is committed to providing customers with efficient and instantaneous internal communication products, and as the customer’s integrated internal mobile informatization platform, it provides interfaces for applications including unified login, identity authentication and integration, in addition to portable informatization solutions. iSoftStone utilizes its comprehensive and customized service abilities across more than 10 key industries, including banking & securities, corporate finance, insurance, real estate, energy, automotive, telecom operator big data, intelligent terminals, and intelligent manufacturing platforms. With the advantages of iSoftStone’s own rich enterprise business experience, combined with Tencent’s products, the two companies are cooperating to jointly develop the ecology of their industrial partnership.

Service Range

Project solution consulting: provides customers with consulting for enterprise WeChat related matters and customizable industry solution services;

Product testing and deployment: provides customers with implementation and deployment services for enterprise WeChat;

Mobile informatization planning and consulting: provides customers with consulting services for their mobile informatization planning and layout;

Mobile transformation of internal systems: provides customers with mobile development services for their internal informatization system;

Outsourcing services: provides customers with technical pre-sales, deployment implementation, operations & maintenance management, customized development, delivery, as well as operation & maintenance support services and customer training services.

Our advantages

As an official WeChat partner enterprise, iSoftStone has an extensive range of services. We can provide pre-sales support for products, deployment implementation, customized development, service delivery, residential operation & maintenance, customer training, and other services for Enterprise WeChat throughout China.

Due to our many years of intensively cultivating enterprise services across a wide range of industries, we have rich and high-quality customer resources, along with our comprehensive outsourcing service capabilities and our solution capabilities for numerous key industries, with many customers from Fortune 500 enterprises and the three pillar industries.

We have personnel who have received Tencent’s officially designated training, and personnel who are fully familiar with Tencent’s product structure and senior technical personnel, in addition to our development team and operation & maintenance team.

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