Enterprise Brain

Overview of iSoftStone’s Enterprise Brain:

The human brain is considered as the greatest achievement of biological evolution, because its existence supports the most fundamental skills of humans, including language, intelligence, and consciousness. Presently, the final aim of enterprise evolution is also to help the enterprise build a smarter "brain". iSoftStone’s Enterprise Brain platform is based on three key technologies: data accommodation, full connection, and deep learning.  The “brain” platform includes digitized enterprise resources, networking scenarios, and smart applications, to further form a smart system that integrates knowledge, thought, and action, and provides professional services and solutions that enhance the sharing, precision, visualization, and intelligence of enterprise management.

The Enterprise Brain platform mainly includes: I. An enterprise-level big data platform providing full display, comprehensive monitoring, overall analysis, and the total synergy of enterprise management, production, logistics, service, security, and other full lifecycle data, thereby forming the foundation of the enterprise’s “brain”; II. A unified Internet of Things platform, including connection management, communication network, and terminal management, to offer perceived services to the Enterprise Brain; III. A smart capability development platform, playing the role of the brain’s "core". This platform provides all major neural network algorithms and can realize the integration of artificial intelligence and big data analysis work processes. VI. An application service platform, building the Enterprise Brain application platform based foundation platforms mentioned above, including the enterprise portal, smart operations, new e-commerce, etc., and realizing the smart upgrading of enterprise management.

Service Range:

Smart enterprise portal

Combines the characteristics of business intelligence and enterprise information portals to build the brain platform of the business intelligence portal;

Smart pperation center

The smart operation center is built based on the big data management platform, the unified Internet of Things platform, and AI development capabilities, and can be applied in fields including public security, transportation, and water resource management;

New e-commerce platform

The new e-commerce platform addresses the painful points in the current e-commerce field, and applies big data, cloud computation, the Internet of Things, and capacity development tools to build the e-commerce brain platform, allowing for the realization of smart transformation in the e-commerce field.

Corporate new ERP system

The new ERP system is built by integrating artificial intelligence and ERP management business, and allows enterprises to utilize the information from different system at different stages, departments, and nodes, as well as realizing the automated, precise, and smart management of enterprises.

Our Advantages:

The smart capability platform in the Enterprise Brain provides all the major neural network algorithms. Moreover, it can be deployed locally, and ensures data security. Its plug-and-play functionality breaks down the talent barriers. In addition, it has end-to-end full-process intelligence and highly automated modeling, saving on time costs, and is high precision, making the enterprise’s decisions more reliable.

The platform has an ultra-strong deep learning operating system, providing comprehensive core components and sophisticated specialized component for models, and matching for integrated third-party software. All the main algorithms are included, to realize the fastest computing capability in the world.

The core of the entire platform is the perfected and unified platform for enterprise data, with fully realized integration and entire domain analysis for data, smart decision-making support and real-time insight, as well as promoting the optimization of management and operations.

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