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Program Overview

After more than ten years of development, the e-commerce market has greatly developed in scale. Led by “Internet + ” thinking and the new retail mode, the production, circulation, and sales processes for commodities are undergoing a new round of upgrades. iSoftStone has created its “five-in-one wireless transaction mall” solution (support for imports), which is the direct result of its many years of industrial insight and technical accumulation. This solution, based on the consumer’s experience of mobile Internet + artificial intelligence, fully meets the multi-channel layout of enterprises, achieving a business mode with the dual-line layout of traditional e-commerce + mobile e-commerce. Moreover, this solution makes it easier for enterprises to promote operations by promoting the sub-commission system.

Product Architecture


Customer Value

iSoftStone helps its customers cope with market challenges, understanding and exceeding the demands of its customers, and has served customer types including traditional retailers, traditional brand manufacturers, traditional manufacturers, and pure e-commerce, among others. iSoftStone’s comprehensive e-commerce solution supports B2B, B2C, O2O (perfect fusion of online and offline), and other types of e-commerce business, meanwhile, it can meet the demands from proprietary platforms and supplier entries, etc., helping more B2B and B2C enterprises to transform and upgrade via three kinds of operational modes: proprietary platforms, joint merchant operation, and platform substituted operation.

Multi-contact layout -- three-dimensional comprehensive coverage of consumer contacts combined with traditional e-commerce + mobile e-commerce.

Omni-channel marketing -- achieves entire network marketing through the fusion of multi-channel and multi-directional methods, and forms the fan effect with a variety of marketing, distribution forms, and adhesion consumers.

Brand promotion -- independent from a third-party platform, builds a self-owned e-commerce sales platform, establishing the official flagship mall, integrating the channel advantages, and promoting the brand’s influence.

New consumer experience promotes the user’s consumer experience via new ideas and technology.

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