Collaborative development platform


Industry is the main part of the national economy and the main field of scientific and technological innovation. At present, the global industrial development pattern and our economic development environment have changed greatly. Innovation-driven programs must be highlighted to combine innovative achievements such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data with new industrial materials, new processes, new energy, advanced manufacturing, etc. Based on the profound industrial changes, create new production modes, new service modes, new industrial forms, new business models and new economic growth points.

In this general background, Germany has proposed the concept of Industry 4.0 and a US company has proposed the concept of Industrial Internet. They both intended to support a new generation of revolutionary technology research, development and innovation in the industrial community and maintain the international competitiveness of their countries. The Chinese government has proposed the “Made in China 2025” strategic planning, which is an action program for China to implement the manufacturing power strategy and the best path to guide the transformation of industrial enterprises. In the general background, iSoftStone has proposed a collaborative manufacturing platform and links based on a cloud platform to facilitate the development of China’s manufacturing industry. We take advanced information technologies such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things as the basis and assist the platform to provide cloud services including smart production, smart products, cloud designs, equipment monitoring, production service transformation, personalized customization and collaborative manufacturing, and other software services including finance services, management and handling office work, to promote the innovative development of the local urban enterprises and industries. The Internet of Things is used to implement some production equipment monitoring and make some products intelligent.

Collaborative Manufacturing Platform Solution

Based on the idea of a market-leading, government-guiding and society-participating platform, the collaborative manufacturing platform is built based on the applications of information technology and Internet technology. It provides product design functions, and collaborative production and manufacturing functions. It is a service transformation platform for enterprises, and an implementation platform for device monitoring and intelligent product functions. It enables enterprises and partners linked to the industrial chain to share the information on the customers, designs, production and operation. It has changed its working mode from the serial working mode of the traditional industry to the parallel working mode, and shortened the production cycle and the new product launching time to the largest extent. It quickly responds to customers’ demands and collaborates with others online in design, production and manufacturing. The sharing of information increases the flexibility of designs and production. The process-oriented designs, production-oriented designs, cost-oriented designs and the designs in which the providers at all the links and customers participate greatly enhance the product design level, manufacturability and cost control. The design quality, manufacturability of products, and controllability of costs will be greatly improved, which will be beneficial to reducing the costs of production and operation, improving the quality and customers’ satisfaction level. In addition, it introduces financial services, insurance, legal services to provide project assistance for enterprises on the platform. When specific projects needed implementation, the enterprises will automatically allocate resource combinations to implement these projects according to their size, forms an organic industrial chain to quickly complete the orders in collaboration. The intermediate phases and costs will be reduced, the strategies will be team-oriented, and the competitiveness will be increased. By applying Internet of Things technology to load enterprises’ product data in real time, it produces device data and provides enterprises with iterative product data support and customer data support, so that enterprises’ product delivery will no longer be the end, but the start of their service. The platform accumulates data, uses big data technology for analysis, and guides the production decision of enterprises.

Overall Construction Framework

Collaborative design: The platform provides cloud service design software to support the online communication between designers. The customers will participate in the designing process, complete the designs with the designers to improve the designing efficiency, reduce the time cost of communication, and satisfy their customized demand.

Collaborative manufacture: It realizes the online collaborative production of material and component for enterprises’ products, online collaboration and information sharing between factories, close cooperation in the manufacturing process. In this way, it reduces the warehouse storage volume, communication time and waiting time during the intermediate phases, increases cooperation efficiency and quickly delivers the products.

Manufacturing resource collaboration: Enterprises’ production capacities join hands with resources (factories, machines, technical workers, and experts, as well as design capacities) to provide services. The platform provides coupling service that helps match customer demand with enterprise service, optimizes urban production resource allocation, improves the utilization rate of manufacturing resources, allows medium and small-sized manufacturing enterprises to acquire the manufacturing resources with low cost, improves the utilization rate of idle manufacturing resources of enterprises.

Capacity Superiority

Personalized customized product service: It provides personalized customized platform for enterprises, enables enterprises and customers to collaborate online to complete the customization, production, payment, and delivery of products. Customers can participate in the whole design process and production process, which realizes personalized custom service in its true sense. Enterprises can also collaborate online with other enterprises, share data and jointly complete products for the customers, serve the customers and satisfy the customers’ demands.

Smart production service: It provides software and hardware service for the smart transformation of enterprise manufacturing, uses models to match enterprise demands online, provides online and offline coupling service, accurately meets corporate demands, and finds the suppliers of devices and services.

Transformation service for manufacturing industry servicizing: It provides the platform to demonstrate, release and match the manufacturing resources, adds private manufacturing resources such as enterprise factories, machine tools, personnel and experts to the content of enterprise services, provides paid service and realizes service transformation for manufacturing enterprises with smart products.

Customers’ Benefits

Smart industry helps the governments enhance industrial management, the industrial enterprises to transform and upgrade, improves the accuracy of governmental and corporate decisions, optimizes urban resource allocation and improves corporate service capacities.

First, it provides the monitoring platform of enterprise information for the governments to know about the corporate and industrial operation data in real time, and the data support and base for the governments to invite investment and formulate policies. By monitoring the data of actual corporate situation, the governments accurately understands the demand of every industry and enterprise, and the enterprises that need assistance, so that the governments can assist the enterprises accurately with targets. Which industry and which enterprise should be assisted are decided according to the corporate operation data, which ensures the effective utilization of the limited assistance fund, and also accurately helps the enterprises that need assistance.

Second, it uses information technology to help enterprises enhance the level of information and service, improve product quality and service capability. Enterprises uses cloud service to reduce the cost of design, production, sales, and all phases of the supply chain, realize smart product and cloud manufacturing resource, extend corporate service, increase corporate income and help manufacturing enterprises transform into service businesses.

Third, it helps the governments realize cross-region, cross-industry, cross-department, cross-enterprise industrial information resource collection and sharing, avoid “module division, administration separation, construction repetition and resource waste”, realize integrated service and management with advantage complementation, product interaction, system innovation for regions and industries.

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