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With the advent of the data era, data analysis, mining and visualization have become the pressing demands of the information technology development. The visualization is the connotation of the human insight into data and mining data values provides very important technical means. Under this premise, iSoftStone has conducted technical research and development on the visualization and established a platform to facilitate fast establishment of the visualization system.

iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform mainly includes the demands for data visualization such as time-space visualization and chart visualization. In the aspect of time-space visualization, the platform includes the geographic space visualization effects of 2D GIS, 3D GIS and 2.5D GIS and provides the corresponding spatial analysis services. In the aspect of chart visualization, the platform has accumulated abundant basic charts and advanced charts which can meet the demands of the visualization system for charts.

In addition to those above, the platform provides visualization services including the unique functions that facilitate the realization of visualization services such as remote control services. With the help of the universality of the platform, visualization technologies can be applied in multiple industries and business directions.


Large-size Exhibition Hall Screen Visualization Solution

Large-size Screen for Dynamic Industry Information Display

Every industry needs to pay close attention to and track its industrial trends, market fluctuations, quotations tendency, technology development, etc. so that it can carry out specific industry planning, strategic implementation, marketing, etc., to seize the key opportunities in the market.

The large-size screen visualization system can be built on iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform so that managers can know the industry trends and development trends at any time. The platform displays data results from different aspects. It displays and reveals all the detailed problems and analysis results for specific purposes. It provides data support and suggestions for market decision making by combining the macro data and micro data.

Large-size Screen of Smart City Operation Center

The Smart City Visualization System can be built on iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform so that city managers can dynamically know the operation state of industrial economy in the city by watching a large-size screen, including the GDP, taxation and industry development. Based on the Smart City Visualization System, city managers can know the city project construction progresses which intuitively reflect the progress-time relation and the cost-quality relation, understand the effects of the people’s livelihood service projects, find things missing and supply them. By combining with the video monitoring system, the Smart City Visualization System can be used to make multiple departments work together to carry out comprehensive governance work and make working task and time sequence arrangements.

Industrial Application System Visualization Solution

iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform supports the establishment of various industrial and business application systems such as industrial economy, public services, city management, environmental resources, tourism and transportation. It provides solutions specific to different industrial applications, considering current industry status and business directions. It rapidly sets up industrial visualization application systems, taking the visualization service platform as the basic platform.

The specific industries and application directions may include air quality monitoring, monitoring of public opinions on environmental protection, cyclic economy and tourism visualization.

Capacity Superiority

iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform is an auxiliary visualization platform which explores data, reveals and expresses connotations of data through visual presentation.

Increasing Data Values

The platform transforms dull digits into images easy to grasp and understand, finds the information that is difficult to be mined by using the conventional statistical methods, and increases data usability and values.

Data Visualization Presentation

The platform sets the data in the visual space and makes the visible images reveal the information and laws hidden in data, using the visualization technologies specific to text, network (graph), space-time and multiple dimensions.

Rapid Technology Implementation

iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform is a processing factory which “visualizes digits”. It rapidly creates gorgeous visualization effects for customers by using mature visualization technologies, libraries with abundant components and visualization effect templates. It can meet all the demands related to big data mining, analyses and visualization presentation, based on the APIs provided by the platform.

Customers’ Benefits

The following customers’ demands can be met by using the visualization platform:

Rapid design and establishment of the visualization system can be implemented and the implementation efficiency of the system visualization part can be enhanced.

Cool visualization effects can be easily implemented by using the chart and space controls provided by the platform.

The development costs of the visualization business system construction can be reduced by using the platform.

The team of iSoftStone Big Data Visualization Service Platform can provide customized visualization schemes and designs, aiming at different customers’ demands, and provides consultation services for customers from the professional angle.

The visualization team can provide customized development services according to specific schemes, based on the platform, and implement the visualization application programs needed by customers by using abundant visualization experiences.

Typical Customers

City government decision makers

Operation departments of governments

Scientific research units in universities

Successful Cases

(April 2016 - now) E-commerce Project

(April 2016 – May 2016) Langfang Government Affairs Visualization Large-size Screen Project

(February 2016 – now) Industrial Big Data Project

(December 2015 – January 2016) Business Opportunity and Tender Invitation Visualization

(November 2015 – December 2015) Talent Flow Visualization

(September 2015 – October 2015) Public Opinion Monitoring Visualization Project

(August 2015 – January 2016) Environment Protection Visualization

(July 2015 – August 2016) Emergency Loan

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