Intelligent supply chain platform


iSoftStone’s collaborative supply chain solutions realize intelligent collaboration and eliminate redundant links from procurement, order processing, tracking, warehousing, logistics, finance, insurance, and other supply chains. In addition, they holistically connect the suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and final users, thus helping enterprises to provide satisfying products and services to their users.


Collaborative supply-chain networking

The networked, collaborative development of the whole industrial chain is promoted, as well as the value chain, thus realizing upstream and downstream collaborative networking throughout the industrial chain.

Multi-business and multi-system collaborative operations

The collaborative operations of multiple businesses are achieved via effective collaboration between the internal and external supply chain.

Flexibly configure the system and rapidly develop business

Different kinds of logistics services are dynamically combined. In addition, various logistics businesses can effectively collaborate by selecting different logistics programs.

Uniform and collaborative scheduling management and in-time prewarning adjustment

Uniform and integrated internal and external resource information, and uniform order scheduling and tracking strategies can all be achieved.

Visual tracking throughout the process ensures the safety of the supply chain

The system provides end-to-end business process tracking which allows the shipper to know the execution state of the order in real time, the forwarding agent can promptly know the condition of transported goods, and the dealer can immediately grasp the state of their inventory.

Customer Benefits

The demands of enterprises can be automatically docked to the order management system of the supplier, improving the operational efficiency of the supplier;

The pick-up path for goods is automatically planned, improving the loading rate of transport vehicles and reducing logistics costs;

The delivery time of the supplier is precisely controlled, guiding the supplier to prepare the goods and reducing inventory costs;

Real-time tracking and admission guidance for transport vehicles improve the logistics efficiency.

Typical Customers

Manufacturing enterprises

Shipping and trading enterprises

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