Embedded software development

Capability Overview

With the development of embedded operating system, smart electronic products also show a rapid development momentum, and the competition among electronic product manufacturers becomes even fiercer. Among them, Japan has a lot of world-renowned electronic manufacturing enterprises, with an increasing demand of technologies and talents in the design and development of their software system. iSoftStone provides a higher level of professional and technical support and can do a good job from the demand analysis, system design to the development & implementation, and product delivery. We can even offer advice for product innovation by standing on the customers' point of view.

By virtue of experienced global development team and technical experts, iSoftStone can provide customers with more standard and more professional software system design and development, to make the customers’ product quality more stable and reliable, and functions more innovative and unique.

Service Scope

Development and Maintenance of Embedded System

Based on Linux, Android and other smart system platforms and the use of Java, C/C++ and other language development tools, iSoftStone can provide development and maintenance of embedded software system for electronic products.

Development and Maintenance of Web Software System

The design, development and maintenance are based on the B/S system to help customers achieve business goals.

Quality Assurance and Testing

iSoftStone provides comprehensive system defect detection, improves test efficiency and extends the coverage of the test. iSoftStone plans, designs and implements test strategies and test cases of various electronic products or application softwares, and provides black-box testing, white-box testing, automated testing, and so on.


Based on excellent project management, process, working methods and tools, iSoftStone can provide customers with complete development and operation & maintenance services. We strictly follow 6sigma standard to execute each step in the development process and use the CMMI5 process to improve approaches. We have good Japanese-English bilingual advantages, and always maintain close communication with customers to ensure that the key points of each project can be completed smoothly.

We have an experienced and stable implementation team; on the one hand, it can fully understand the needs of customers, on the other hand, it can help customers accumulate, summarize and inherit valuable experience, which has reduced the cost and risk of technology change for customers, so that the quality of the system can have an effective continuous guarantee.

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