Value-added business App development

Capability Overview

iSoftStone is dedicated to providing high-quality IT technology services to customers. With rich experience in application development and maintenance, iSoftStone can provide customized application software development, maintenance, optimization and management services through out the entire life cycle to meet the end-to-end software need of customers and we are the most trustworthy partners during digital strategy transformation of enterprises.

Application development and maintenance services provided by iSoftStone can be delivered onshore or offshore according to actual requirements of customers. We also can provide system maintenance, optimization and upgrade and other services based on actual operation needs of customers.

Service Scope

Services that iSoftStone can provide to customers in IT, telecom, finance, medical, education, transportation, petrochemical, manufacturing, distribution and other industries are as follows:

Application development: customized services can be delivered onshore / offshore according to customers' requirements.

System maintenance and optimization: maintenance and optimization services during actual operation according to customers' needs after the delivery of application software.

System migration: migration of application software from PC terminals to mobile terminals without any effect on normal operation. 

Expansion and upgrade of existing functions: improve existing functions of software by using latest technologies and expand software functions according to actual needs to meet normal operation requirements of application software of customers.


Industry-leading IT technical service ability

Whole-life-cycle, end-to-end services of application software

Customers can choose onshore / offshore delivery independently.

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