System integration (SI)

Promoting Technical Innovation & Leading Quality Services

Holding the concept of creating values in a win-win situation, iSoftStone adheres to continuous innovation and reform. And we can, for a long time, deal with industry-specific problems or the general problems faced by enterprises by depending on our comprehensive and deep industry knowledge, the multi-level and multi-angle system solutions as well as experienced engineers and independent product R & D capabilities.

The system integration service team of iSoftStone is able to quickly extend a new solution and integrate it into existing systems and business processes based on standardized methods and processes by using emerging technologies, or custom development ability or the sophisticated packaged software provided by market leaders; and thus, we can provide customers with safe, stable, efficient and all-round system integration services to help them accelerate their informatization process and achieve innovation and reform.

Our Services

Network Engineering

iSoftStone has extensive engineering experience in LAN project, for example: campus network, intelligent building LAN, government agencies LAN and all kinds of enterprises LAN. Our service team will provide customized network engineering solutions for customers by considering and assessing from different aspects such as user demands, network size and online applications.

Data Center

iSoftStone has participated in the planning and construction of many large data centers; therefore, we have extensive experience in implementation. A data center is a complex set of integration of infrastructure; we can help customers build computer systems and other ancillary equipments (such as communication and storage systems) and can also assist with the redundant data communication connections, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment as well as various security devices.

Infrastructure Construction

IT infrastructure construction services provided by iSoftStone mainly refer to the integrated design and construction of machine room; and the services include building finishing, electrical systems, air systems of air conditioning, fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing systems, access control systems, security monitoring, network systems, environment monitoring systems in computer room and so on.

Cloud Computing Service

In the field of cloud computing services, iSoftStone provides customers with IT planning and consulting services, cloud computing architecture design and implementation services, resources, integration and migration services and at the same time it has cloud data centers, small and medium and micro business cloud, e-government cloud, desktop cloud and other professional solutions.

Our Advantages

Technical Advantages

In the aspects of IT services, consulting and application development, iSoftStone implements the customized solutions that meet industry standards and own independent intellectual property rights for customers by depending on its leading technology, rich experience and end to end services.


iSoftStone has a multi-level service and technical development team, and all business areas have been covered.

Project Management

iSoftStone has a high-level software project management system and a mature project management methodology and provides customers with lifelong project management services.

Quality Assurance

Equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as comprehensive development skills, the iSoftStone project implementation team can continue to meet users’ ever-changing demands and rapidly deliver extensive, reliable and effective solutions.

Information Security

While providing quality services for customers, iSoftStone guarantees customers' intellectual property and information security by using comprehensive safeguard measures of information management.


iSoftStone has received a number of professional qualifications in project management, technology R & D, system integration, quality management, safety certification and so on.

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