Enhance your competitive edge with our integrated solutions

iSoftStone provides powerful solutions that integrate industry expertise and business acumen to help our clients achieve their goals. To address client requirements, we have developed several industry-specific proprietary solution modules. These high-quality IT solutions focus on several key industries, such as retail, technology, communications, banking and financial services, and insurance.

RapidStart™ Reporting and Analytics

Leveraging the latest BI tools, our reporting and analytics solution provides everything from interactive self-service reporting and highly formatted operational and analytical reporting, to an ongoing, dedicated BI business partner. To learn how RapidStart™ Reporting and Analytics turns your raw data into raw insight, click here.

RapidStart™ SharePoint Migration

Our SharePoint services span from conceptualization to design and integration. We can create or migrate your SharePoint site to align with current and future business objectives. Leveraging our proprietary RapidStart™ tools and techniques, we ensure rapid and reliable delivery of a turnkey site. We guarantee results that provide you a usable friendly design and integration across your organization. Learn more here.

Smart City Solutions

iSoftStone is a leader in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art technology solutions to manage cities; these comprise our Smart City Solutions. We create these proprietary solutions by partnering with governments and by leveraging our global relationships and technology expertise with other companies and research institutes. A rapidly expanding phenomenon that is driven by urban growth, Smart City is a movement to improve the quality and efficiency of cities, and the quality of life for those that call them home. Learn more here.

Other Solution Offerings

Big Data Platform Proof of Concept

A scalable big data analytics solution, the Big Data Proof of Concept (POC) will quickly expose the potential value of your data and provide a clear roadmap for achieving a scalable solution. Our Data Architects and Big Data Platform experts will leverage sample data sets, feeds and existing schemas to show how a scalable data platform can add value to your business. This will include: Hadoop-based distributed, big data system; cloud infrastructure to allow for easy scalability; baseline visualization tools to support analysis; and scalable data storage.

Content Management Enablement

In this packaged offering, we will analyze your content and scalability needs to optimize on a content management solution (CMS). Implementation of a CMS will empower you to fully manage your site materials including making your own content updates whenever necessary. You will improve customer engagement by ensuring that your website contains the most up-to-date services, products, and information. The CMS also enables you to optimize for search engine results, so you can obtain a better ranking from Google.

Mobile First - Responsive Design

Responsive Design is an industry leading approach to executing on a Mobile First strategy. This offering will improve your website to provide customers a more positive experience on all screen sizes, big or small. The iSoftStone team will evaluate your site content and restructure it in a way to be selectively concealed or revealed at different browser resolutions and aspect ratios. This makes it possible to have elements on your desktop website experience that can be hidden or realigned when being viewed on a mobile client -- all delivered via the same website.

Portal Assessment

The portal assessment offering helps you get maximum value from your portal investment. We will conduct a brainstorming session with your stakeholders to clearly outline your portal goals and requirements, and to establish a common portal vision. We’ll help to define a requirements model that includes user community definition, portal navigation, content inventory, application inventory, and content taxonomy. We will work with your technology team to perform an analysis of various portal products and assist with selection of the best portal solution according to your needs.

RapidStart Dashboard

iSoftStone RapidStart Dashboard is a scalable solution to jumpstart your Business Intelligence reporting projects. This two-week engagement provides improved data management along with higher efficiencies due to rapid development time and initial configuration. Here are some of the key features and benefits: visual representation of actionable data, so your data is turned into knowledge to support informed decision making; the ability to share out metrics and KPIs that matter most to each user; interactive ease of use; accessibility at various permission levels; rapid deployment and easy extensibility for further reporting.

Website Usability Evaluation

This packaged offering helps to quickly discover how a website can be improved via sound website usability recommendations. Our certified experts in user experience and user-centered design will review your site and provide a comprehensive usability and content audit. We will focus on common areas for site usability improvement, such as site performance and ease of finding information or accomplishing tasks. Based on audit results, we will provide recommendations for optimal site navigation, improved design visuals, and the use of web analytics to assess and improve usability and effectiveness.

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