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Offshore/Offsite Development Center (ODC) is an outsourcing business model. It provides remotely performed professional services that boost productivity and reduce operational cost. A proven, highly efficient tool, ODC also provides better visibility and predictability during the development process.

iSoftStone has accumulated deep expertise in ODC services and has established specialized teams and a mature management system to deliver these services. We offer ODC services at various levels in order to meet specific client needs and we help our customers quickly deploy their global strategies with our unique advantages in human capital and global delivery capabilities.

Throughout the entire ODC engagement, we are committed to building an effectively managed on-demand talent pool. We provide stable, high-quality services through our balanced cost structure, process visibility, information security measures, and location/globalization support. iSoftStone provides the following related services:

  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure construction
  • ODC management
  • Product/software development
  • Technical support
  • Testing

We have established long-term partnerships with many of our ODC clients who span across many industries including communications, technology and Internet enterprises covering equipment vendors, telecom operators, content and application providers, global leading technology companies, and financial service enterprises. We also serve clients in energy, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce industries as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Customers may have their ODC services be fully established and managed by iSoftStone or they may adopt the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model for these services.

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