iSoftStone partners with retail organizations to develop strategies that will improve the consumer experience. We are well positioned in North America, China and emerging markets to enrich the relationship between our retail clients and their global consumers. We’re a leading global strategic partner with more international in-country presence than our competitors, and our experienced retail team can help drive efficiencies within the supply chain and integrated trade market while enabling an enhanced consumer experience.

We provide value to the retail industry in the following areas.

Supply Chain. Our team of global experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to increase efficiencies while minimizing potential negative impact on an organization. Our local presence will enable a unique perspective while providing accountability, governance, and transparency.

Brand Transformation. Your brand is more than the logo and website. It is more than just meeting financial targets. Your brand is your culture; it is embodied by your employees, and trusted by your consumers. Our professional team will develop strategies to facilitate and execute a strategic brand plan while managing the reputation of the Retailer.

Cross-Channel Fulfillment. Retailers are aiming to provide a seamless consumer experience by connecting online channels. They need to link the web, warehouse and store inventory in order to coordinate purchase options such as in-store pick up or consumer gift card. The iSS Retail team and its Technology counterparts combine industry knowledge with technical expertise to overcome these challenges.

Mobility Solutions.. Mobility solutions address a variety of business challenges – from the initial consumer engagement to the point of sale. The difficulty with this rapidly developing technology is in understanding the trends and marrying them with retailers’ strategic needs. Our Retail team has decades of industry experience combined with a team of dedicated mobile app developers to align needs with the markets demands.

Data Analytics. Recent trends in tracking consumer behavior include a shift away from involuntary data exchange and a turn towards the usage of data lockers and self-trackers. iSoftStone’s End-to-End Services position our Retail team to help industry leaders collect actionable data without impacting consumers’ privacy.

Operations. Lean retailing, source-to-pay optimization, evaluating payment channels, organizational alignment, and increasing efficiencies in store operations are all a part of standard business transformation initiatives to support a scalable international growth plan. Our holistic approach enables our professional team to engage with all people, processes, technology, and compliance.

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