North America Management Team
Qiang Peng (John Peng) - Executive Vice President, Global Business Group
Brian Anderson - Senior Vice President, Engineering
Glenn Bowers - President, North America
Karl Pessinis - Senior Vice President, North America Business Operations
Ting Wang - Senior Vice President and CFO, North America
Corporate Management Team
Tianwen Liu (TW Liu) - Chairman & CEO
Yong Feng (Frank Feng) - Vice Chairman & Chief Marketing Officer
Junhe Che (Carson Che) - Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer
Cheng Zhang - Chief Financial Officer
Yuping Ye - Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Walter Fang - Executive Vice President
Ying Huang - Executive Vice President
Qiang Peng (John Peng) - Executive Vice President
Steve Kang - Executive Vice President
Li Wang (Lucy Wang) - Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer
Li Huang - Executive Vice President
Miao Du - Executive Vice President
Yaxi Gong (Arthur Gong) - Senior Vice President

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Through our outreach programs, we make a significant and sustainable impact that goes beyond profit, benefitting people and the world around us.

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