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Featured Capabilities

Business Intelligence
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Data and Business Intelligence Services

Enables smarter and faster decision-making

iSoftStone provides consulting and development services concerning data architecture, data management and planning, data processing, and analysis-based decision-making tools. We do this for a wide variety of industries including banking, securities and funds, corporate finance, insurance, public sector, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

iSoftStone has a strong Business Intelligence (BI) development and consulting team as well as complete, self-developed products for basic platforms such as operation scheduling, metadata management, data quality management, and structured data search engine. We have also developed comprehensive solutions for multiple key industries and have specifically defined professional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for consulting, implementation, and testing services. In addition, we actively explore and practice BI applications under the "cloud computing" model as well as BI services for mobile terminals.

What we do


iSoftStone provides complete architecture planning and consulting services such as Operational Data Store (ODS), Data Warehouse (DWH), and Data Mart (DM). We also have comprehensive application solutions including management accounting, risk management, customer relationship management (CRM), performance appraisal, regulatory reports, and business reports. Additionally, we offer data mining consulting services in support of risk management and precision marketing.

Security and Fund Companies

We can provide system application solutions concerning index stock selection, CRM, DWH construction based on data source cleansing, data standardization, and data analysis.

Financial Service Companies

We offer integrated solutions for financial enterprise customers based on the theory of multidimensional data centers. These help to establish enterprise-level, integrated information views so as to provide information query and statistical analysis support for improved decision making.

Enterprise Customers with Finance Control Needs

iSoftStone can build financial data analysis models for our clients. We have developed comprehensive solutions covering BI systems, group finance analysis platforms, and group strategic performance management systems.


iSoftStone can integrate data from various disparate sources such as business data, actuarial data, financial data and others -- and can restructure the data after conducting an analysis so as to build a data platform for the insurance industry. Along with this data platform, we can help build online analysis and processing (OLAP) systems and intelligent multidimensional report generation and release systems for insurance companies.

Public Sector

iSoftStone provides professional Geographic Information System (GIS) and BI data analysis services for housing and urban-rural development commissions. We also offer data center development and tax analysis and monitoring services for tax authorities, as well as consulting and application services such as transport data analysis, public transport card analysis, dynamic analysis, and management of financial incomes.

Manufacturing and Retail

iSoftStone develops application solutions for the manufacturing and retail sectors. They provide financial analysis, profitability analysis, customer analysis, procurement analysis, sales analysis, production analysis, inventory analysis, logistics analysis, service efficiency analysis, competitiveness analysis of the entire process, management screen, and decision-making dashboard. These targeted solutions are designed all industry aspects such as product and raw material procurement, manufacturing, sales, and corporate strategic decision making.

Real Estate

iSoftStone offers comprehensive systems and solutions to manage all aspects of the real estate business such as selling, cost control, and accounts receivable (AR) collection. We can provide a full range of analysis services with BI systems covering house subscription, house contracting, project AR collection, contract payment, onsite signing, material management, supplier qualification assessment, supplier bid invitation, and inventory balance.

Our solutions

Financial and Banking Industry BI Solutions

Based on the multidimensional data center theory, our BI solution for finance companies provides information query and analysis functions as well as enterprise-level, integrated information views to support managers' decision making.

Insurance Industry BI Solutions

Our BI solution for insurance companies differentiates data analysis and decision-making support services at the operation and management level for enterprise employees, managers, and decision makers.

Operation Scheduling Platform (ETL SMC)

Our operation dispatch platform is an enterprise-level automatic batch scheduling platform that provides cross-platform high-performance batch task customization, scheduling, monitoring, and audit functions.

RapidStart® BI Solution Accelerator

RapidStart® BI Solution Accelerator is a scalable tool for jumpstarting customer’s complex BI projects while providing improved data management and higher efficiencies due to rapid development time and initial configuration.

Our advantages

  • iSoftStone has skilled professional BI development resources with deep experience of serving major banking clients

  • iSoftStone has nearly a decade of experience in BI data analysis for China's largest stock exchange and fund companies.

  • Our technical team's skill set covers mainstream database systems such as NCR TD, Sybase IQ, Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL server.

  • iSoftStone makes optimal use of mainstream ETL tools including IBM DataStage and Informatica, and BI tools such as Cognos, BIEE, BO, MSTR, QlikView, and SAS.

  • We conduct BI services in the fields of ETL control, metadata management, data quality management, and structured data search by leveraging our self-developed application platform.

Cloud Services

Tailored to your business' unique needs

Cloud computing provides IT resources in a Web-connected environment by which the enterprise can use and pay for only as much or as little computing power as is needed. This model of flexible virtual access provides powerful new capabilities with significant cost efficiencies.

When considering cloud options, companies need to understand the costs, risks and benefits of private, public and hybrid clouds to determine which route best meets their legal, regulatory, and business needs There is no “one size fits all” solution. Because of this, iSoftStone creates company-specific customized cloud solutions working in partnership with the leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) solution providers.

Our Cloud Services include the design, building, and operating of public and private cloud platforms for governments and large- and medium-sized enterprises. Our proprietary iSoftStone Cloud Platform Foundation (iCPF) contains a library of pre-built pre-tested software modules that incorporate industry best-practices, and will help clients develop and deploy their infrastructure and software as services in the cloud.

What we do

Cloud Computing Consulting and Planning

In creating cloud-based system, iSoftStone will first diagnose the management and operation models of customers in an all-round manner and then carry out the design and development of the information system.

Cloud Security Service

The cloud security service begins with the cloud clouding platform as the application basis and then works to harden the security of the cloud environment, ensure data confidentiality, and realize secure access to applications. The end result is a comprehensive security solution-and-service model protected against attacks on its applications.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services

iSoftStone's O&M resource management is an important part of refined cloud system management. Attention to improved O&M level is an important way to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

IaaS Service

iSoftStone's IaaS solution is an open platform that integrates standardized products and technologies of various international partners as well as cloud computing servers. It supports horizontal scalable storage.

PaaS Service

The PaaS platform designed by iSoftStone, consists of a general application development framework and a process automation project management system.

SaaS Service

iSoftStone implements application management and billing management at the SaaS layer. It adopts a billing-on-demand model, which can subscribe IT resources according to user demands. It can realize the payment-on-demand function for cloud computing and can flexibly allocate IT resources as required by end users.

Mobile Cloud Service

iSoftStone provides a series of industry leading solutions ranging from smart terminal to mobile cloud services, covering all mainstream mobile OSs including Android, iOS, and Symbian. Ultimately, we help customers build and operate optimized cloud systems.

Our solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

iSoftStone's cloud infrastructure advocates the open cloud service concept. We work closely with leading Iaas, Paas, and Saas providers to provide our clients and partners with end to end solutions and help them improve efficiency and...

Smart Park Solution

Smart park construction involves construction of cloud data center and Smart Application platform. Plans for data center construction in smart parks are intended to effectively integrate software, hardware, and technical resources, as well as to accelerate the circulation of material resources, etc.

Food Traceability Framework

Food traceability framework brings together iSoftStone’s long-term practice and rich experience in barcode, 2D code, IC card and RFID applications, and makes it possible to track the life cycles of food from producers, distributors, retailers and stores to consumers.

Urban Operation Command Center

Urban Operation Command Centers conveniently monitor and manage cities as individual systems, providing urban managers both real-time and historical views, in order to optimize operations at city level.

E-government Platform

As integrated government management tools, e-government platforms are software systems and application models that construct informational work platforms in highly abstract and generalized ways, according to universal processes of government affairs and relevant regulations and systems.

Healthcare Cloud

As a new service model that enables sharing resources, services and experience, Healthcare Cloud stimulates collaboration among hospitals, communities, emergency centers, and families. It effectively improves healthcare quality.

Smart Tourism Platform

Smart tourism platforms are digital tourist spot-service platforms that integrate Internet portal, e-commerce, virtual experience, forum, offline e-ticketing, smart interpretation, tourist support, tourist spot monitoring with vehicle, and positioning management...

Integrated Digital Publication Service Platform

iSoftStone’s all-media Integrated Digital Publication Service platforms provide full-process industry chain service and operation platforms, such as: planning, publication, production and processing, copyright management, distribution, transaction, payment...

Cloud Data Center

Both urban planning and government management are directly dependent on high-performance computer support. Cloud computing centers have become the technological foundation for urban development.

Mobile Cloud Solution

Based on our capability of Internet service, we customize an E2E, comprehensive mobile Internet platform, while effectively solving problems related to subscriber, business, and data surges. In addition, iSoftStone’s open service capabilities help you quickly expand service applications.

Our advantages

  • Extensive industry experience and strong business consulting capabilities

  • State-of-the-art KVM/Xen-based basic virtualization technologies

  • Highly compatible underlying virtualization modules

  • Professional, advanced support systems

Mobility Services

Your best partner to succeed in the telecommunications world

A long-time leader in the mobile communications field, iSoftStone has constantly strengthened its R&D investments and team building in this area. We provide smart terminal embedded development, custom development of smart terminal phone OS, mobile application development, mobile Internet services, and value-added service development for use throughout the communications industry.

Moreover, we have built our own specialized mobile development tool – iMobot, and we continue to make breakthroughs and innovations in the mobile payment and e-commerce fields.

What we do

  • Embedded development for smart terminal

    • Board card
    • Smart phone/PDA/Tablet PC
    • IP video phone
    • Next-generation intelligent set-top box
  • Customized development of smart terminal phone OS (Android)

    • User Interface
    • Content customization
    • Application customization
    • Customized OS for a variety of smart terminals
  • Testing

    • End-to-end testing
    • Regression testing
    • Functional testing
    • Mobile services testing
    • Outdoor testing
  • Value-added service development and applications

    • Video
    • Reading
    • Animation
    • Music
    • Payment
    • App Store
  • Mobile Value-added Applications

    • Mobile search
    • PushMail
    • Mobile music
    • Mobile reading
    • Mobile e-commerce
    • Mobile payment
    • Rich media
    • Personal Information Management (PIM)
    • Network Monitor Cards (NMCS)
    • Personal finance

Our solutions

Mobile Cloud Service Solution

With our strong capability of Internet service, we provide customers with customized end-to-end mobile Internet services to help them expand their business scope.

Our advantages

  • Embedded software development for mobile terminals

  • Home network equipment development

  • Development of all mainstream smart phone OSs, including J2ME, Symbian, BREW, iOS, Android and Windows

  • Wide range of applications and support: application tools, Operating System (OS), communications, multimedia, e-reading, mobile search, etc.

  • Development of 3G wireless systems

  • Development of network and equipment management systems for telecom operators

  • Strategic partnership with leading companies like Huawei, Lenovo, Marvell, Leadcore.