We support career development, skill certification, and employee training for individuals at every level. Our programs connect employees across levels and areas of expertise in order to strengthen the individual and the greater iSoftStone team. A few examples:

  • Lunch and Learns: This is a series of employee-led lunchtime presentations on topics ranging from best practices, emerging technologies, and project management, to our technology service offerings and industry expertise.
  • Rower’s Code Leadership Training: The training program focuses on building leadership and interpersonal communication skills that cultivate employees to be strong leaders and stronger teammates.
  • Mentoring Program: This program builds partnership between mentors and mentees within the company, enriching career development for both. Employees can sign up to work with a mentor within the company for one year.

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Community Engagement

Through our outreach programs, we make a significant and sustainable impact that goes beyond profit, benefitting people and the world around us.

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